I love to sew. In fact I have been sewing since I was 12 years old. I will be 58 this October, so that’s over 4 decades of sewing!!

It all started the summer after 6th grade when my mother signed me up for sewing lessons in a local fabric store. The front of the store was a retail establishment and the back room was the classroom with 4 sewing machines. The store owner / teacher let us pick the pattern we wanted to make & I chose a dress that had 12 pieces. I’ve always liked a challenge !!! Once I completed that first dress I was hooked.

I just found the pattern the other day during my decluttering…..yes I was a size 8


Wow – only 65 cents !!!


When my children were little I had a small home business doing clothing alterations and some simple dress design. My sewing machine and all my supplies occupied the dining room table (except during holidays when we needed the space for dinner celebrations). When we left suburbia for the rural Pine Barrens I switched gears and picked up contract work through interior designers. I honed my home dec skills creating pillow and seat cushions and window treatments of all sizes and styles for high end clients. This was in addition to a full time office job.

I am truly happy when I am sewing for my friends and family. With their encouragement, I have decided to get back into the business. I will be showcasing some of my creations here on the blog – feel free to comment. I’m searching for my niche, but I have soooooo many ideas of items I want to make it’s going to be difficult to narrow it down.

My Etsy site will be live soon & I may even post items on the Blog for sale.

Stay tuned…….