Day 2 – Getting my Etsy & Craiglist going

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Wow what a learning curve I have for this new challenge!

Having NEVER sold anything on line (even though my kids have been after me for YEARS to sell my sewing creations), this has and will be quite a challenge.

I decided to break down day 2 into two segments.  The morning was devoted to Craigslist which is pretty easy as long as you remember a few rules.

#1 – Post clear images so the buyer can see exactly what you are selling.

#2 – I live in a rural area and DO NOT want the folks shopping on Craigslist to know my location.  Make sure the “Show on Maps” is not checked.  I would also suggest you don’t check the “ok for others to contact you…..”  because you will get a LOT of spam.

#3 – I noted in all my “for sale” posts that my transactions will take place in a public area.  This is much safer than having the buyer come to your home.  Most of the items I plan to sell will fit in the back of a truck or car.

#4 – I am taking CASH only – then there are no issues with bounced checks.

Here’s a link to a good site to get you started:

Now ETSY is a different story – a lot more complex.  I have quite a few smaller vintage items that I think will sell better on Etsy.  I am keeping to lighter weight items so my shipping won’t get prohibitive.

Check me out !!! Only have a few items there now, but I will be adding more.



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