Bye bye handpainted wallpaper

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At the advice of our real estate agent all our interior walls will be painted in a neutral color – prospective buyers prefer a neutral palette.

Currently we have a vibrant color scheme on our walls as well as some stenciling that took me DAYS to complete many moons ago. But the walls that will be hardest to let go of are in our laundry room.

The red, yellow and blue fingers and palms of our 4 children created this “handpainted” design. I remember putting them all in smocks, lining them up in the hallway, covering their hands with paint and sending them into the laundry room to “stamp the walls”. We repeated this process over and over again until we had it just right.

As I look at the size of the little hands that grace these walls, I am brought back to an earlier time when this house was noisy with the sounds of 4 kids, their friends, 2 dogs, and assorted pets that we had over time (guinea pigs, lizards, bunnies and a snake). Those memories are so precious to me. I miss the clatter of backpacks thrown on the floor as they arrive home from school, the conversations at dinnertime. As a matter of fact I miss it all, the good, the bad and at times the ugly.

So before those hands disappear behind a wall of tan paint, I took pictures. This is my way of preserving these walls forever.

20150211_152335  20150209_163953


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