1-24-15 Reinventing Looneys begins

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Yesterday was my last day of full time work – a big step forward to our transition / downsizing /move to Vermont.  My husband Tim and I have decided that life is too short to wait until we are Social Security eligible to live lighter and less stressful.  Our “game plan” has been evolving for several years, but while Tim’s parents were still living next door to us we put this on hold.  Sadly, both Granny & Gramps passed away in 2014, their house has been sold and we are ready to move on.

My first and primary task is to reorganize, downsize, sell and prep our house for sale.  A daunting task for sure as we have 26 years of accumulation to sort through.

My second goal is to begin my Made by Mamo sewing business.  All my friends and family have been after me for many years to get this going.  Now is the time….

I have decided to chronicle my days, in hopes that it will accomplish 2 goals.

#1 – Keep me focused daily on the tasks at hand.

#2 – That our journey may be an inspiration / help to other “empty nesters” who are making the same type of life decisions.

Here we go – no looking back, only forward !!!!!


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2 thoughts on “1-24-15 Reinventing Looneys begins

  1. Best of luck, Linda
    You and Tim will both do well

  2. Good Luck Linda! Your new journey is truly inspiring!!!
    I hope your new business is a great success!!!

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