Some things just make you cry

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Last Saturday I gave my husband the task of cleaning out the hallway closet.  I did this mainly because it is full of DVDs that he has been collecting and I needed him to “let go” of some of movies that he will never watch again.  I’ll sell those unwanted DVDs on  The cool thing about this site is they take everything.  It may not be alot of $, but the idea of trying to sell them individually on Cragslist or Ebay makes my head hurt.

Another group of items in the closet were our oldest photo albums (think wedding, photos of the kids as babies).  THIS is what made him cry.  I found my hubby sitting in the living room with a stack of albums in front of him reminiscing as he turned the pages in those books.


It’s going to be bittersweet leaving this home and letting go of items that invoke memories of our past.  And at this moment in time I am SO thankful that I was the crazy mom who took lots of photos – those images are irreplaceable.


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