Upcycled Doggie dryer towel – Tutorial

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This is been a rough winter here in the north east – lots of snow and more to come.  Thankfully spring is right around the corner and with the warmer weather will come melting, mud and April showers. We humans wear rain coats and suitable footwear to keep ourselves dry, but our dogs can get pretty wet and dirty.  One solution to keep the mess from being tracked into your home is to have a doggie dryer towel.  Each end has a pocket for your hands and a tab for hanging (keep it on a hook by your door or hang it from the door knob).  It’s long enough to dry any size dog.


While I do not have a pooch, I am a grandma to 2 wonderful dogs.  They love to be outside not matter the weather is and the towels are a big hit with my kids.  When they come in from a walk, the dogs get a rub down & that keeps the water from being tracked throughout the house.

Ziggy and his drying towel

Ziggy and his drying towel

I use gently used beach towels for this project – they are just the right size to make several.  If you want to use new toweling by the yard you will need 1/2 yd of 56″ fabric.

Supplies needed:


Step 1: Cut out the towel and pocket pieces.

Cut one piece the width of the towel (my towel was 34″ wide) x 10″ high.

Cut 2 pieces 8″ wide x 10″ high.


Step 2: Round the corners of the towel.  Place a glass on the end, make sure it is centered and mark your curve with a piece of chalk or a fabric marker. Trim.  Repeat this step for all 4 corners.

Step 3:  Stitch a piece of bias tape to the open end of the pocket.  I sew it to the wrong side, fold over to the right side and topstitch.

Step 4:  Baste pockets to the ends of the towel.

Step 5:  Create hanging tab. Cut a piece of bias tape 11 inches long, fold in 1/2 and topstitch.


Step 6: Fold the tab in 1/2 and center on the wrong side of the towel.


Step 7: Sew bias tape to the wrong side around the outside of the towel. Fold the cut end in before you begin stitching.

Step 8:  Fold over to right side and topstitch all the way around.




Time to take a walk – I hear someone barking at the door 🙂

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