Old jeans and superheros

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I can’t bear to through out old jeans.  I love how the denim softens after many washes yet still remains so durable.  Guess that’s why I have a GIANT tub of jeans in various sizes, colors and pieces.  I have been stashing these away for years, so it’s time to use them for some upcycle projects.

I decided to make a small zippered pouch – this choice was based on using another vintage metal zipper from my collection.

1/2 of a leg was all I needed for the outer fabric. I picked a superhero cotton print for the lining – from another tub in my collection.  Superheros are a BIG favorite with the grandkids & I’ve got lots of Supermans, Spidermans, Batmans roaming throughout my fabric collection.


Here is the finished product.

20150224_151207 20150224_15123820150226_191053 (1)


Only one more day of the challenge – tomorrow I’ll be keeping the dolls warm !!!


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