Baby it’s cold outside !!! – Destash challenge continues

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BRRRR – good day to stay inside!! Here in NJ today the real feel windchill will be in the negative digits. Guess I better get used to these kinds of temps since VT is even colder.

With that in mind, I have been sewing some warm fleecy items with pieces of fabric from my “stash”.


Wearing fleece in winter is so comfy and soft against your skin while adding an insulating layer against the cold. My FAVORITE fleece item for the past month has been my socks.  They keep my tootsies warm.  I wear them as slippers inside the house and with my boots when I venture out into the cold.  The socks are mid calf with a soft cotton rib at the top which helps keep them nice and snug on your legs, but they are not constricting.

I have made these for many years as Christmas gifts and they are a fan favorite with the Looney clan.





I really dislike having a cold neck when I go out in this frigid weather. While having a bulky and stylish scarf is nice, so is a snug gaitor that tucks right into the collar of your jacket. The length is perfect for pulling up around your mouth and nose if needed. They are bound in soft cotton rib at the top and bottom of the gaiter.



If you like anything you see here and would like to purchase, send me an email (FYI the socks fit a woman sizes 6 – 8, but I would be happy to make a custom pair for you).  I have some print and solid colors in my collection that are available to choose from.

OR you can go on to my Etsy shop, to purchase.

STAY WARM. Only 27 days until spring




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