Let’s get moving

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WOW – getting a house ready to sell is quite an undertaking !! The homestead is on the market now, so now the waiting game begins. This better not take too long as we are ready to GO and begin a new chapter of our lives with new experiences. What we will take with us is memories of 26 years in the pines.

Building our home – living with Granny & Gramps for 5 months until our house was finished – Chatsworth Elementary School – Rec soccer – t ball / baseball / softball – Girl Scouts – Cub Scouts – Boy scouts – camping trips with the kids – SWIMMING in the pool at G & G – parties at the big house – cousins – family – the Harris’ living with G&G – a REALLY BIG Christmas tree – Samadog – Spock – Guinea pigs – pet snake – bunnies (moving the cage & separating them) – pet rats – Killer Iguana – Denis & his bike rides to school (rain, snow, sleet & hail) – Matt & his Mustang – Project children kids (Lisa, Rachel, Thomas & Johnny) – lots of time spent with Granny & Gramps – Holy Cross High School – Ben – BON – Peaceful Pines canned goods – movie nights with friends – CAMPFIRES – weddings – REOONEYS – DiAntonio pig roast – Mustang planter – Cinco de Mayo parties – St. Patrick’s Day parties – Christmas dinners – Cranberry Festival Fun – 14 different employers between all 6 of us – Squirrel in the fireplace – bats in the house – no power St Pats party & cooking lamb stew in the turkey fryer – forest fire evacuation – Gramps walks on the highway – Granny’s bridge group – Lenape HS – Seneca HS – Girl Scout cookie mom time (and paying for all the ones that we consumed) – Proms – graduations – bridal showers (A&M, K&E, J&B, D&A) – baby showers – Christmas cookie baking with Ben – the path through the woods to G&G’s house – Evan and his rocket car – hide & seek with the grandkids @ G&G – Juniper trying to catch the squirrels -playing soccer in the back yard with Tedy – turkeys in the yard – deer in the yard EATING my plants – Morrills / Gravers – movie nights – wash on the clothesline – starry nights – and recently too many funerals………….

ANYONE OUT THERE want to buy our house????????

We’ll keep the memories.


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